Thursday, March 17, 2011


Doing Lost Trailer Park is like being in a really bad, quasi-abusive relationship...

Every time I say, "Nah... I think it's done..."... I want a quick fix of gore and sleaze... and I end up doing another one.

I didn't have to even think up this month's concept. Jimmy George (my cinematic better half) sent me a pdf of the 3 page screenplay a few weeks back and said... "Game on..."... yep, folks... it's that time of year... it's time for...


Well, to be totally honest... I had nothing to do with the initial concept so I can't spout off about that, but I can tell you my big influences were. 1. John Russo's The Majorettes (or "One by One" if you prefer) and 2. "Teen Wolf" (i'm totally kidding).

We just love tacky slasher movies with cheesy masks and Jimmy took every bad basketball pun he could find. It was meant to be.


Jimmy sent me the script and my first thought was, "how the fuck are we going to get a basketball court". We posted on fbook and luckily, my friend Allyson came through with a gym she used to work at.

Jimmy bought a bunch of basketball jerseys. We kept the tags on and returned 5 of 7 afterward! (Two had blood/holes) Thanks, Forman Mills!

We had a fantastic cast. Jimmy's wife, Jill screams her lungs off as the cheerleader. LTP regulars Pat Storck and George Stover yuck in up as a ref and coroner. Some stars of "Witch's Brew" (my in progress feature), Gary-Kayi Fletcher and Charlie Dreizen show their silly side. Dominique Spencer (who loses his hand) stars with Charlie in my friend/sound guy for "Witch's Brew", John Boushell's feature vampire film, "Fang". Alfred Guy (the cop) also stars (with New Years Exection's star, Brian St. August) in the action show, "The Fixer".

As usual, we had a blast doing it, it always feels like a family reunion. Nato (my gaffer on "Witch's Brew" and all around great dude) helped and gets to be one of the "GO TEAM" corpses. John Laveck, one of my three FX team members on "Witch's Brew", even did some fx for us. When they're good, they're his. When they're bad, it's my craftsmanship (or lack there of).

We shot the outside court scenes at two separate elementary schools. Both times, we left the severed body parts there... hoping it will scar some kid for life.

So... there it is, folks. "March Madness". Thanks to all involved... especially Andrew Shearer's redneck cousin who recorded an outtake of the vo. ; p

Star Player... Gary-Kayi Fletcher
Cheerleader... Jill George
Ref... Patrick Storck
Coach... Andy Vineberg
Foam hand fan... Dominique Spencer
"Fan" fan... Charlie Dreizen
Killer... Jimmy George
Additional Players/Fans.. Dan Sweeney, Pat Bray, Chris Riehl, Chris Laun, Allyson Washington, and Nate Spivey

Directed and Edited by Chris LaMartina
Written by Jimmy George
Produced by Jimmy George and Chris LaMartina
Special FX by John Laveck and Chris LaMartina
Additional Sound Recording by Mike Walls
Voice-Over by Andrew Shearer

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