Saturday, May 1, 2010

PSYCHO De MAYO (aka Gringos Muertos)

Greetings fellow cinefiles and vidiots,

Chris LaMartina here for your May installment of Lost Trailer Park: Never Coming Attractions. Y'know, I didn't start this out thinking that every trailer would be a holiday horror flick, but when the title, "Psycho de Mayo" came to me... I thought I'd better embrace it before someone else does. (Don't worry the holiday horror spoofs will stop next month... you'll see).

But anyway, for May... we have "Psycho de Mayo"... a goofy slasher spoof that I imagined in a different time (perhaps the mid-to-late seventies) would have been released in Mexico as "Gringos Muertos".

There's no sync dialogue in the spot because I figured the movie as a "foreign" production and I bet any American ads would strongly disguise accents or poor dubbing. I even dubbed the screams intentionally poorly... I swear!

The trailer style is pretty "generic slasher", but I definitely watched a tv spot for "Mardi Gras Massacre" a few times before I wrote the script.

The party footage was shot at my 25th birthday bash. My girlfriend got me a pinata without even knowing I'd planned to set-dress our apartment for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta. So, it was perfect that we could get those pinata-bashing shots in the early set-ups.

A friend of mine worked at a prop warehouse and let me get my hands on the huge sombrero, poncho, and gigantic cactus. It really makes for a fun killer costume and, to my knowledge, no other slasher has had a villain like ours. So, I'm pretty happy overall with the finished product.

The "story" scenes were shot in about an hour or so.

And by the way, since you're reading this... let me take a minute to tell you about my next feature film, "Witch's Brew"... its a gory horror comedy about cursed beer. We're currently raising the budget through donations over at if you can, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate...

Maraca to the face... Patrick Matanle
Cactus Girl... Randi Williams
Killer... Corey Schuler
Partygoers... the Chris LaMartina Birthday Allstars

Voice-Over by Andrew Shearer
Written, Directed, Edited, and Scored by Chris LaMartina

Thanks and see y'all in June. Donate to "Witch's Brew" or ELSE!