Wednesday, February 9, 2011


They say you can never go home...

That's bullshit. Because I've never felt more at home as I did when I decided to make a faux trailer sequel to my very real feature, "President's Day".

So, I rallied the troops. Jimmy George, my cinematic better-half and I figured out where to take the story and Jimmy turned in a draft of the 2 page script... within a few weeks, it was finished.

Ladies and germs... I proudly present...


The original "President's Day" feature, which is slated for release later this year, was heavily influenced by the "Sleepaway Camp" sequels, "Memorial Valley Massacre", "Return to Horror High", and other campy/sleazy 80s slashers.

With that in mind, not much changed influence wise. We tried to scrape our brains for any more patriotic/political horror jabs and we managed to score a few more groan-worthy giggles.

Ever since I started LTP, I knew February have to be saved for a faux "President's Day 2" teaser. Jimmy George and I had ideas for a full length sequel ever since we wrote part one, but in all sincerity, it is very rarely a microbudget horror flick garners the success that warrants a sequel.

So, the trailer was good enough. We looked over the list of what we could do and organized a few quick shoots. My friend, Clint Kelly DPed for us and we got to use the same type of rig that we did on part one (except for the first 3 shots I did myself). Clint is a filmmaker in his own right. He's currently working on his first feature, Generation Z. He is truly a friend of sickening cinema.

We shot the film (without permission) at Towson University (my alma matter) and UMBC here in Baltimore. As per usual, we got some dirty looks, but mostly giggles. There's something about maniacs dressed as presidents that warms the heart.

We shot the Toga party scenes at Jimmy's new house and man, was it fun. Never thought I would get to put a classic frat staple in one of my flicks. Good stuff, indeed.

So there you have it. I'd be shocked if we ever got to make a "President's Day 2" feature... but if the opportunity arose... I would welcome it with open arms... and I'd cast Andrew Shearer as the Campus Radio DJ. ;p

Happy President's Day, vidiots.

Joanna Bolen.... Lizzy Denning
Sign Death... Kyle Watson
Merv Perkins (Newscaster)... Matthew Bowerman
Rake Death... Mark Sanders
Vote or Die... Nathan Meyer
Frat Paddle Recipient... John Boushall
Frat Paddle Death... Matt Leibensperger
Detective Kurtz... Paul Fahrenkopf

Directed & Edited by Chris LaMartina
Written & Produced by Jimmy George and Chris LaMartina
Cinematography by Clint Kelly
Special FX and Score by Chris LaMartina
Voice-Over by Andrew Shearer

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