Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year, my fellow Vidiots...

2010 was a pretty ridiculous/horrible/fantastic year. I started Lost Trailer Park, shot another feature ("Witch's Brew"), lost my middle-class income job with the government, moved home, and played a ton of film festivals for my last feature, "President's Day".

My new years resolution? None of your fucking business!

Because if I break it... you might have to call in a NEW YEARS EXECUTION...

To my knowledge, there is "New Years Evil" and "Bloody New Year" when it comes to New Years horror flicks. I've seen 20 minutes of the former... and man, was it borrrrrrrrring. So, not much influencer here... perhaps, there is some "Bloody Pit of Horror" when it comes to our crazed executioner... but besides the traditional 80s slasher POV shots and some 70s style wide angle push-ins... "New Years Executions" is it's own campy/goofy beast.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do for the January LTP and I felt like a slasher for "Martin Luther King Jr. Day" could only end horribly... so when Jill (my often cowriter/coproducer Jimmy George's wife) suggested a maniac who murders those who break their resolutions... I knew we struck gold (or atleast imitiation plastic spraypainted gold)

So, I said if I came up with a good title... I'd do it. Well, I found a decent rhyme scheme and boom... it was born...

I assembled a goofy gaggle of actors and shot it in one day. Most were featured in "Witch's Brew". Jessy Danner, Brian St. August, Lucas Koch (my fx guy's son) all bite the dust in "Witch's Brew" and get mangled here too!

Shawn Jones (eat healthy guy) is one of the filmmakers behind "The Chainsaw Sally Show". Mark Leake (the smoker) was the other cinematic half of the "Isle of the Damned" team, and finally Nikc Miller (workout guy) has made a ton of great shorts.

Both Shawn and Brian St. August had to fill in as the executioner since we didn't have enough actors. Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a New Years party as lame or as sparsely attended.

The first blips of footage (the quick shots of gore) are from previous Lost Trailer Parks. I didn't have enough gore shots for the preamble... so in true Roger Corman fashion, I borrowed from myself. Clips are from "Bite the Dust" and "Liburied".

Also, Shearer's fourth take of voice-over cuts was just poop jokes. Will anybody besides me ever hear them? Only time will tell.

I love you, Shearer.

Executioner... Shawn Jones & Brian St. August
Final Girl... Jessy Danner
Eat Better Guy... Shawn Jones
Workout Guy... Nikc Miller
Smoker... Mark Leake
Champaigne Kid... Lucas Koch

Written & Directed by Chris LaMartina
Special FX by Jason Koch and Kaleigh Brown
Voice-Over by Andrew Shearer

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