Saturday, April 16, 2011


It's been a long time coming, but we finally made a "non-horror" preview for Lost Trailer Park. It's still exploitative and silly... but there aren't any corpses to be found!

Nope. This time it's not blood... it's blasphemy. Just in time for 4/20... it's...



Jimmy pitched the idea of an undecover DEA agent having to stop a pot dealing priest with the title, "Holy Smokes". I liked the cut of his gib, but thought it could be more lighthearted and pitched a straight comedy rather than an action comedy.

So, with that in mind, we watched "Kindergarden Cop", "Sister Act", "We're No Angels", and a few other lighthearted fish-out-of-water spots. It was fate.


I don't think a Lost Trailer Park has generated this many funny stories. One of the best was bringing the 2 foot plant into my folk's house and my Dad sees me... totally dumfounded.

We got to make fake drugs. The faux-buds were styrofoam bits doused in hot glue and covered in oregano. The joints were as well.

We didn't get permission to shoot the church exteriors. We just showed up with a half-dozen protestors. The interiors were shot at a small church in Baltimore that is rented out by a local anarchist collective (fate indeed).

Jimmy had purchased nun costumes for another gag. I believe the burnout priest says, "Don't worry! It's not habit-forming" (an idea by protestor extra, Jimmy Chrismer)... but we couldn' t find any girls that could do two days in a row.

Casting things is a tough based on the quick schedule/turnarounds... but we were lucky to use a bunch of regulars.

George Stover, Michael Brecher, Ryan Thomas, Josh Davidson (who provided his own glasses), and Sabrina Taylor-Smith all pop up in our new feature, "Witch's Brew". We were honored to have Paul Sieber join us for this one and especially stoked to have my mom play the pot-brownie-eating parishioner.

For the record (and for all potential employers reading this), we're not stoners. I swear! I'll pee in your cup any day of the week! (your drug test cup... not your coffee).

So there you have it... and on a kind of bummer note...

Lost Trailer Park will be taking a 3 month hiatus. We'll be back in August... but LTP has taken time away from finishing "Witch's Brew" and it's time to get into gear on finishing it up. It's been fun. Consider this the finale to Season One... let's just say I wanted to go out on a "high" note.

- Chris

Head Priest... Paul Sieber
Sad Priest... George Stover
Burnout Priest... Michael Brecher
Reverend... Josh Davidson
Detective... Ryan Thomas
Confession Girl... Sabrina Taylor-Smith
Protestors... Jimmy George, Jimmy Chrismer, Al Wright, and Joe Kilroy

Directed and Edited by Chris LaMartina
Written & Produced by Jimmy George and Chris LaMartina
Voice-Over by Andrew Shearer

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