Thursday, April 1, 2010


Greetings, friends!

Just in time for Easter, comes "Shriek of the Easter Beast", my loving faux trailer-tribute to obscure holiday horror movies and small town monster flicks.

I always wanted to make an Easter horror film and this finally gave me a chance. The Easter holiday, despite the gruesome premise (dude gets nailed to cross, then returns from the dead), doesn't have many (if any) horror flicks dedicated to it. "Critters 2" comes to mind (and its one I watch every Easter), but besides that, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more perfect Easter-exploitation movie.

The title is obviously a riff on Michael Findlay's bigfoot joint, "Shriek of the Mutilated" and I think our Easter Beast looks just as menacing as the white-furred Sasquatch of that flick. Fans of bad movies, I'm winking at you.

Most of the trailer was shot early on a Sunday. The inserts of the kids were shot at my godson's first birthday party (!). I set up a fake "easter egg hunt" while they ate lunch and grabbed some quick angles while they searched. My niece, Harper is the little girl watching the magic show. This isn't her first role, though. She plays one of the babies that's kidnapped in my flick, "Book of Lore", coming out this May from Pop Cinema. Buy it here! -

The stop motion was shot and edited in about two hours (as if you couldn't tell, ;p... ). Didn't want to get too complicated. I'm no Dave Allen, but I think it works in context. Jimmy George told me it looks like the Yeti from those Rankin-Bass movies. I'll take that as a compliment...

Hero... Ryan Thomas
Sheriff... George Stover
Magician... Matthew Bowerman
Little Girl... Harper Korch
Carrot Death... Corey Schuler

Written, directed, edited, and scored by Chris LaMartina
Voice-Over by Andrew Shearer


  1. Nice. I was just thinking the other day that there's no good Easter horror movie. I thought it because my kid went to pose with the easter bunny, and he wouldn't smile. When you see the giant rabbit behind him that's about to bite his head off, you understand why.

  2. This is a lot of fun... I remember a scary Easter bunny in one of the BILL & TED time travel moives, anybody else remember that?...