Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let the cinemadness begin...

So what is "Lost Trailer Park: Never Coming Attractions"?

It's a pet project of a mine. Once a month, I'll be producing a trailer (movie preview) for a non-existent feature-length movie... mostly campy tongue-in-cheek horror flicks, but not always. If it falls into the category of exploitation or grind house flicks, then it's definitely fair game.

The trailers are just that. Exercises in short form content. I'll take the best parts of a proposed feature and cram it into a 2 minute block (more or less). I don't have any intentions of elaborating on most of these titles, so... you're getting the best parts minus any superfluous bullshit. Cuz we all know when it comes to movies like these... the trailers are very often are the best part.

First installment is on April 1st. Just in time for Easter...

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