Saturday, September 25, 2010


On set, they call me the "PUN-isher"... its a badge I wear proud and with that in mind, get ready for as many book/library puns as I could come up with for...



To be completely honest, I wasn't inspired by too many other trailers for this one. I didn't watch anything before I shot it... and I can't really think of any "library" horror flicks... which I find pretty shocking, actually. I do, however, really like the weird distortion of the image that occur when I shot with HVX fully zoomed out at close range... it looks like the opening scene from that long forgotten 80s trash-slasher flick, "Matthew".

I guess the closest influence would be stuff like "Ice Cream Man" with Clint Howard or "The Dentist"... all those "great" mid-90s quasi-slashers. So... okay, they're not exactly from the grindhouse era... but I can't break my cycle of mucking up the trailers with scratches, dust, and gate weave. So, get over it...


We didn't have permission to shoot in the library... duh. It was that of my alma matter, Towson University... where I also shot part of my first flick, "Dead Teenagers" and a scene for my second, "Book of Lore".

We snuck in with a cast/crew of six and proceeded to take over the fifth floor... until some eager students and a few tours of prospective freshmen showed up. We shot the gore scenes pretty quick. As you can tell, Lauren's scream is dubbed in (poorly)... because despite being otherwise completely irresponsible... I do value the "quiet" rules of the library.

Kyle (tongue-cell phone dude) and Wade (spine guy) have small roles in "Witch's Brew" and Lauren (our "final girl) is one of the lead witches in "Witch's Brew". Leanna, our mad librarian, is a staple of the East Coast microbudget scene and she kicks ass! She was in my film, "Grave Mistakes" and I love seeing her act crazy!

Leanna Chamish... Mad Librarian
Lauren Lakis... Final Girl
Kyle Watson... Cell Phone Guy
Wade Brown... Spine Breaker

Written, directed, and edited by Chris LaMartina
Voice-Over by Andrew Shearer

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  1. Glad someone pointed this out to me! Loved this trailer along with the Frankendiner one. Now I need to go and check out the rest!