Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Life is indeed sweet and sour.

After successfully raising $13K for our new feature film, "Witch's Brew", I've been laid-off from my job. But, luckily for you... this means even more time to dedicate to the strange phenomenon known as Lost Trailer Park.

Because no matter how bad things get... we will always have the midnight movie festivals that celebrate monsters, weirdos and other things that make us whole.

So here it is... June's installment...


For me, diners = creepy... and there hasn't ever been a truly great diner-horror flick. You could argue "Blood Diner", but with the exception of a few inspired scenes, it doesn't make cut (hardy har har).

Plus, once I realized Frankenstein rhymed with Frankendine... man, it just made sense... or atleast it did after a few beers.

Style wise... I wanted it to work within the pulpy diner framework... therefore, giving it a 60s shitty colored vibe. My main inspirations were "Corpse Grinders", "Undertaker & his Pals", and ofcourse Al Adamson movies (thus, the University's namesake).

Most of the trailer was shot in a few hours at the Hollywood Diner in downtown Baltimore. We did some pick-ups in Towson and I grabbed a random diner exterior because it had an older-looking sign that would transition to the main title.

The illustrious Shawn C. Phillips hams it up as "Fritz", a demented/drooling rendition of Dwight Frye's classic role. Other actors include my good friend, Aj Hyde (star of "Book of Lore" and "Grave Mistakes") who pulls off an intense blast of camp with Victor.

Also, filmmaker Mark Colegrove (and his wife, Fiona) turn in great moments as tormented patrons. Mark directed the film, "Isle of the Damned" and if you're into the faux grindhouse stuff... you should definitely pick up a copy...



Victor... Aj Hyde
Professor... Jon Gonzales
Fritz... Shawn C. Phillips
Male Patron... Mark Colegrove
Female Patron... Fiona Crowley Colegrove
Patron #2... Larry Jackson
Eye Monster... Justin Lanham

Written, directed, and edited by Chris LaMartina
Special Effects by Kaleigh Brown
Voice-Over by Andrew Shearer

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